The New Design Cables: NDCAB0006 - Transmitted 20 July 2020

Twitter VIP Account Hack Higlights the Danger of Insider Threats (CSO ONLINE) ✪ Animals Use Social Distancing to Avoid Disease (Scientific American) ✪ Apple embraces hardware key-based authentication (Ars Technica)

Presenting This is Fine: Optimism & Emergency in the P2P Network on the tensions and future catastophe of a clash between power and emergent collectivism. There is renewed life in peer-to-peer technologies driven by the desire for community self-determination and global uncertainty. As we enter the 2020s and these peer-to-peer communites grow, they are on the verge of outright conflict with incumbent powers for the control of the digital public space. Moments like last week’s alleged insider-job at Twitter revived calls to adopt these decentralised alternatives. But the alternatives aren't prepared for the wolves that howl at the door.

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