A collaboration from The New Design Congress & Simply Secure that seeks to understand the risks of ethical data collection for underrepresented communities, and the limits of ethical consent in complex systems.
New Design Congress invites you to FIGURES Episode 2: a discussion about systems with Adam Greenfield. Livestreaming May 3 @ 7:30pm BST / 8:30pm CEST …
A free event by the New Design Congress
Join Silvio Lorusso and New Design Congress for an intimate on design and disillusion
How the economics of consumer tech and the practice of human centered design pressed digital life into a joyless substitute for social interaction.
A major new collaboration between The New Design Congress x Furtherfield, London
Hi friends, When we scheduled the Para-Real series back in March, case numbers across Europe were shockingly high and the vaccination rollout was…
In an era of fractured exploitation and inequality, how can we take health and care back into our hands? The Hologram is social medicine for a…
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