RESCHEDULED: Episode 3 of The Para-Real Livestream Series streaming June 13.

Hi friends,

Due to some last minute unforeseen circumstances, tonight’s episode of The Para-Real: Finding the Future in Unexpected Places is rescheduled for the same time next week — 8PM UTC. You can read more about the episode below. Thanks for your understanding.

In the meantime, I was interviewed this week by Critical Future Tech, a Portugal-based podcast and publication whose purpose is to increase the sensibility and awareness of technologists and related professionals towards the impact of technology in our lives and general society.

This 50 minute conversation with Lawrence B. Almeida touches on the New Design Congress’s focus on digital identity, infrastructure at scale, digital consent and the perils of decentralisation. We also discussed what could emerge in place of today’s design ethics movement.

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See you next week,

Cade & the livestream team

Episode 3
The Para-Real World Fair: The Logistics of the Largest Immersive Digital Arts Market with VKet Global Team Director LilBagel

At the height of the worst economic crisis in nearly 50 years, an underground creative class was putting the finishing touches on one of the largest showcases of digital assets assembled to date. VIRTUAL MARKET 5 brought together modellers, animators, coders and visual artists from all over the world in a month long international flea market. Over 1000 stalls, all filled with buyable items, attracted an unprecedented patronage - the market saw a staggering 700,000 unique visitors. LilBagel shares his expertise as VKet’s Global Team Director and how this enormous international event is a promising model for real material stability for a multi-disciplinary creative class.

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