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THE NEW DESIGN CONGRESS & RECLAIMFUTURES present The Para-Real: Finding the Future in Unexpected Places, a free livestream series about subcultures building livelihoods in spite of platform exploitation and fractured societies.

1PM PDT // 4PM EDT // 9PM BST // 10PM CEST

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Episode 1
"It's Weird, Okay!? I Get It's Weird!":
Finding the Self in the Para-Real with VR Documentarian Joe Hunting

What exactly is The Para-Real, and what effect does it have on us? One answer can be found in how the Para-Real affects identity and intimacy. A Wider Screen (2019) is a remarkable short film that follows VRChat players as their experiences within the platform changes their internal and external lives. The documentary provides an intimate window into new, surreal interactions that immerses users way beyond a 2D screen. After streaming the film, director Joe Hunting reflects on the film, its themes of identity and self-discovery, and the affect of the Para-Real.

1PM PDT // 4PM EDT // 9PM BST // 10PM CEST

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