BRB, AFK: The Para-Real series is taking a short break

Hi friends,

When we scheduled the Para-Real series back in March, case numbers across Europe were shockingly high and the vaccination rollout was dismally slow. We assumed that this would continue and we’d be spending Summer inside, living mostly online.

That has changed. The accelerating rollout - combined with vaccine effectiveness against known variants - means we’re spending more time outside. We’re only four episodes in and have so much more lined up, but we’ve decided to take a break to enjoy as much time as we can outside.

The feedback from the first four episodes of the livestream series has been incredible. Our Discord community has grown from a dozen or so friends to over 150 people. There is so much more to explore in the next eight episodes from communites and projects across the world. We look forward to streaming with you.

BRB, AFK, see you very soon.

Cade, Ben and the livestream team.

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