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The New Design Cables: NDCAB0008: Transmitted 27 January 2021

Indian farmers enter fifth month of national protests (Times of India) ✪ New US Administration pitches bold climate plan (Politico) ✪ Critical iOS flaws exploited in the wild, patched (Apple PR)

Welcome to the first New Design Cable for 2021. This mailing list has been a little quiet, but we’ve been incredibly busy. I’d like to quickly recap what we’ve accomplished since our founding on 1 January, 2020:

Last year, we completed a series of consultancies covering digital and operational security, systems design in encrypted networks, and disinformation mitigation. We also published a collection of essays that frame much of our thinking across the limitations of ethical design, climate change and inter-species solidarity, the crisis of digital identity and the relationship between open world games and ecological loss, the politics of digital platforms and the economic risks of self-sovereign infrastructure. We produced and live-streamed workshops and talks, and - building on the work of respected peers - developed an accessible approach to community-led threat modelling that can be conducted with any small configuration of willing participants.

We’re entering 2021 with an ambitious program of product design and deep systems research. I can’t wait to share what we’re planning this year. We recently launched our new site with all of 2020’s work on it and invite you to take a look.

Wherever you are, we hope you are safe.

In solidarity,
Cade & The New Design Congress team.


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We are a research group developing a nuanced understanding of technology's role as a social, political and environmental accelerant. Established 01 Jan 2020, we are a fiscally sponsored project of Simply Secure, a US 501(c)3 nonprofit.